Affiliati is not just two artists, it represents a place, a former pink stone quarry where they live and work.
Affiliati is a place where traditional views are consciously subjected to change, where sculpture becomes science.

From aesthetics to science, from form to nature: traveling in the opposite direction, towards renewal, the change of given notions, achieving an innovative effect in art.

The two sculptors Matteo Peducci and Mattia Savini met for the first time while studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara. Thus began a lasting friendship and partnership. Matteo Peducci was born in Umbria in 1980 and Mattia Savini was born in Tuscany in 1982. They discovered that they shared a similar artistic vision and many of the same interests.

From 2007 to 2010 the sculptors were commissioned a major art project in Thailand to create three marble monuments: two for the sculpture park of Mahidol University and one in honor of Sirivannavari Nariratana, the Princess of Thailand.

Their collaboration with the Galleria Rubin of Milan started in 2008 – parallel to the project in Thailand – and involved the two artists in numerous international exhibitions and art fairs such as the Kunst Zürich Art Fair and the Preview Berlin Art Fair.

Since 2013 Matteo Peducci and Mattia Savini have also been conducting electroplating research which has led to the development of their Electrosculpture method.

In 2013 they moved their workshop from Carrara to Assisi.

Realizing that between them they possess a patrimony of traditional skills, the Affiliati artists started to lay the foundation for a sculpture school, aiming to pass forward to their students historic techniques, knowledge, and skills.

Since 2014 Affiliati has been collaborating closely with university, engaging in research on geopolymer materials.

In 2017 they start a collaboration with Eduardo Secci Contemporary of Florence, exhibiting the artistic project named “Casimir Effect”: a new piece about sculpture wich interprets Hendrik Casimir’s scientific studies on quantum energy.